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The Teachers Training Management System or eSPLG is an online application developed by the Teachers Education Division (BPG) to manage, administer and record all information and data regarding training attended by teachers.

Previously, teachers used a small blue card to record all training sessions they attend including courses, workshops, briefings, seminars, conventions, forums, symposiums, educational visits or official visits, whether conducted outside the school or in the school itself. The card has to be filled in manually and because it is a small card, most teachers would make a copy before filling it out, in case any errors were made.


eSPLG is a system that is accessed through the SPLKPM portal (Training Management System of the Ministry of Education Malaysia). SPLKPM or Training Management System Ministry of Education Malaysia is one of the most important sites or portals for teachers. The portal was developed to facilitate and assist in the management processes of training sessions, courses, seminars and workshops that have been attended by teachers.

Through SPLKPM, teachers can log in to the Individual Module to view the list of courses that they have participated in. However, the course list needs to be updated or keyed in by the LDP Secretary or course organizer. Teachers can see whether the number of courses they have attended is sufficient for the year. Online courses such as the BOSOT Course are also be listed in the system.

Unlike the School Management System under the Teacher Management Module (eOperasi), SPLG focuses more on the training received by the teachers, be it courses, PLC, guidance and mentoring, book reviews, work visits, workshops, seminars or colloquiums, action inquiry and research, e-guru portal, knowledge sharing and writing and publishing.

Why is eSPLG important?

SPLG was developed to manage, administer and record all information/data regarding training sessions conducted at the executive level as well as record courses, learning sessions and self-learning sessions attended by teachers through the Outside Course Attendance (KKL) module and Book Review (BR) module.

What do teachers need to do?

Register for eSPLG at the URL: http://apps1.moe.gov.my/splg/

Select the Individual Module and click on the Individual Module. You will be redirected to a new link for registration: http://apps1.moe.gov.my/splg/i_SPLG/index.cfm

Log in using the identification card number without any symbols/dashes. The password is the last 4 digits of your I/C number. After successfully logging in, the password can be changed by selecting the change password menu.

ESPLG Interface

Log in at: https://splkpm.moe.gov.my/

(Select individual module)

Enter Identification Card Number and Password

After successfully logging in, you will see the following menus:

  • Introduction
  • SPLKPM Management
  • List of Courses Offered
  • Update Course Application
  • Training and Learning Sessions
  • List of LDP Attended/ Register KKL
  • List of Guidance and Mentoring
  • PLC List
  • Self-learning/ Other PPB activities
  • Other Training Records
  • Analysis and Reports
  • User Utility
  • E-Profil
  • Cv Curriculum Vitae

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a survey regarding course requirements. To check the number of courses attended for the year, go to the Analysis and Reports menu, click reports and the number of days attended for the year will be displayed.

The courses listed in SPLKPM are the courses that have been registered by the SU LDP in the school. If there are any course attended that are not listed, please refer back to the SU LDP.

According to Circular No. 4 2014, all Course attended shall be recorded in the Training Management System (SPL). Although the PSD has deferred the obligation of the 7-Day Course in a year, the MOE is still proceeding with the implementation as stated in the Training Management Letter released by the MOE. Teachers do not need to worry about not achieving the 7 Days as required, as the various options are shown below:

Face-to-face / Conventional Training

Examples: Courses, seminars, conventions, workshops, forums, study tours, symposiums, counselling clinics.


Examples: Usage of the Public Sector E-Learning Portal (EPSA), BOSOT, reading academic books, reading Academic Journals, physical or virtual academic studies.

Learning sessions

Examples: Knowledge sharing session, Executive Talk Program, Monthly Assembly, Celebration Program, Speeches, Talks, Forums, Paper Presentation, Discussion Sessions, PLC, Delivering Lectures.


eProfil was developed with the aim to gather expertise information of educational service officers in Malaysia. The expertise data obtained enables the BPG and MOE to implement and strengthen training plans for the future.

The eProfil module forms a part of the main module in eSPLG. The basic eProfil data for teachers is directly accessed from the EMIS source, whereas the basic data for officers in the division and department still uses basic SPLG data. This basic data is maintained by the data officer/SULDP in their respective divisions and departments.

The Teachers Education Division is working to coordinate the information and data with the HRMIS database to enable all data to be obtained from the same source.

Updating your eProfil – select profile 1

Click Send once all information has been filled.

Updating Individual Profile 2

For Vocational and Technical Officers/Teachers

Update Service Experience

Other sections to be updated include awards and recognition, contributions, professional and non-professional involvements.

Register outside courses that were attended (KKL), namely courses that were attended outside the school such as at the PPD or JPN.

Register Book Review (BR) if the requirement for 7 days of courses in a year was not met.

Review and print report.

Forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can log in via [SSO KPM](http://sistemkpm.com/c/sso), through the Single Sign On application, or you can press 'Forgot Password'. Inform the SULDP of your school for further action.