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Login Gudie to Portal ePerolehan

ePerolehan is an electronic acquisition system aimed at facilitating government procurement activities and improve the quality of services provided. It converts the traditional (manual) procurement process to electronic procurement via the Internet.

The ePerolehan Portal serves as a central platform for ePerolehan information and a gateway to a comprehensive procurement system that enables Government agencies and suppliers to manage transactions efficiently and safely.

ePerolehan allows suppliers to showcase their products in the worldwide web network, receive, manage and process purchase orders and receive payments from government agencies via the Internet. The supplier’s product catalogues will be converted into electronic catalogues or eCatalogue, which can be viewed from any desktop using web browser software.

Suppliers have the ability to send quotations, obtain tender documents, send tender offers and check their application status through ePerolehan. ePerolehan also allows suppliers to register or renew their registration with the Ministry of Finance online and pay their registration fees through ePerolehan.

The ePerolehan Framework consists of various parties for a secured end-to-end transaction between Buyers and Sellers.

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ePerolehan provides an array of comprehensive functions for the complete procurement process.

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Benefits to Suppliers

  • Suppliers can be contacted easily by Government buyers, anytime or anywhere.
  • ePerolehan enables suppliers to transition to online business, providing an entry space for online business capabilities.
  • Suppliers have the opportunity to embrace the online business concept faster with the use of ePerolehan.
  • Advertising of goods and services is cheaper and faster and will eventually reach a wider number of buyers.
  • Through the Internet, suppliers will be able to implement borderless advertising at the lowest price level.
  • Processes are simpler and the lower amount of manual work can minimize administrative costs and operating costs. Through ePerolehan, almost all business operations will be automated, not only to make provide the lowest operating cost, but also a faster turnaround time for buyers.
  • Suppliers receive payment faster via electronic payment. ePerolehan is supported by a highly secure infrastructure network thus enabling suppliers to receive payment of goods and services in a shorter time frame.
  • Improve business planning and forecasts accordingly with more efficient and organized procurement processes. ePerolehan automates business processes as well as improves work efficiency allowing suppliers to anticipate procurement processes more accurately.
Benefits to the Government
  • Offers a more effective and efficient acquisition process, in line with the transformation of the country towards K-economy. ePerolehan is the machinery for the Malaysian Government to step into the new economy and promote a wider business environment in the country.
  • Reduced operating cost based on time. The Malaysian Government will be able to reduce administrative and operating costs through the use of ePerolehan as the transaction process is reduced and simpler.
  • Better and up-to-date products and services options. Government buyers will be able to instantly access various products and services provided through ePerolehan, and this will make them more informed buyers.
  • The latest product price information and lists are available online. ePerolehan is always updated with the latest information to help buyers to make more accurate acquisition options.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable workforce. The use of ePerolehan indirectly promotes greater IT literacy among the workforce in the government and private sectors.
  • Better purchasing and payment management. With ePerolehan, government buyers will be able to track and audit the procurement /transaction processes that have been made.
User Registration

To start using the ePerolehan system, you need to register your company with the Ministry of Finance online through the ePerolehan System provider registration system. Thereafter, you must apply for at least one ePerolehan Access Medium to conduct online procurement with the Government. Applications can be done at https://sas.commercedc.com.my/SAS/userlogin.asp

Visit the ePerolehan website at www.eperolehan.gov.my

  1. Click on the second icon marked above for registration of suppliers and consultants. This will lead to the following log in screen.
  1. Choose to either proceed in Bahasa Malaysia or English
  2. For first time log in, choose the option to register as a new contractor
Registered users can proceed to log in with their ID and password.

The Ministry of Finance will display notices with regard to company registration on this screen from time to time.

Next, the terms and conditions page will be displayed. Read carefully before clicking Agree at the bottom of the page. Companies that are registered for CBP with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department must fill in their CBP registration number in the space provided.

Next, the Supplier Application screen will be displayed and list out the sections that need to be filled by the user.

  1. Read each section thoroughly to complete the registration process.
  2. Click Continue (Teruskan) to proceed to the next screen.

The registration screen will be displayed.

  1. Create your Log In ID.
  2. Enter information for Supplier.
  3. Enter information for Service Provider (if applicable).
  4. Click Save (Simpan) to save the information that has been entered and click Continue (Teruskan) to proceed to the next screen.
Next, the Supplier Details screen will be displayed.

  1. Enter business information.
  2. Enter information regarding transaction network.
  3. Click Save (Simpan) to save all information and Continue (Teruskan) to proceed to the next screen. There is also an option to preview the information that has been entered and to clear all information.
Further Business Details – Type of Registration

For the type of registration section, select the option based on your company’s registration with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Complete the next sections for the following:

  • Company Details
  • Company Branches
  • Company’s Project Experience
  • Capital and Equity Status
  • Capital and Equity Holders
  • Information of Access Medium for ePerolehan
  • Personnel Information
  • List of New Directors/Top Management
  • Officers authorised for Government Acquisition affairs
  • Financial information and cheque signatories
  • Field of work
  • Support Documents
  • Registration Payment Details
  • Declaration
  • Confirmation
Once all the above sections have been completed, the system will generate a print out for payment details and application details.

Sample of Payment Details Print Out

Sample of Application Details Print Out (will be a few pages long)

Help with ePerolehan

For users who require more information or assistance with the system, ePerolehan provides an online learning module called ePerolehan Online Learning (ePOL). There are two methods of learning, namely Multimedia Learning or Computer-Based Training (CBT) which is free; and Face-to-face Training (Instructor-led Training) with a fixed fee.

Users may also visit a nearby ePerolehan Centre (ePC) or contact the helpline at 03-7985 7777 or e-mail bantuan@eperolehan.gov.my to request further assistance.