Login guide for eOperasi


eOperasi is one of the modules for the School Management System (SPS) of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) under Teachers Management. This module was developed by the Information Management Division (BPM of MOE) and is regulated by the Day School Management Division (BPSH), Human Resource Management Division (BPSM), and MOE Education Operations Sector (SOP).

This module involves the management of data related to teachers and non-teachers involving several categories of users, namely system administrators (MOE management at Division, State, District, and School level), and users (teachers and non-teachers).

eOperasi can be considered as the backbone to several online systems in the national education system. Information for all teachers are compiled and coordinated online through eOperasi. All teachers are required to enter and update their respective personal and service information through this system. eOperasi can be said to function in a similar way as the Student Database Application (ADPM) but for teachers.

It is essential that information in e-Operasi is kept up-to-date as most MOE applications are linked to the data in e-Operasi. Applications such as eGtukar, ePangkat, SPLKPM and others all utilize the information in e-Operasi.

For example, e-Operasi is linked to eGtukar, the system for teachers to request transfer to a different location. Failure to update information in e-Operasi will cause inaccuracy in data available in eGtukar.

Category of Users

The main target users of this module are system administrators (MOE management at Division, State, District, and School level), and users (teachers and non-teachers).
Users – only users that are REGISTERED by the System Administrator are authorised to register and use this module.

System Administrator – only system administrators that have been appointed by MOE are authorised to use this module according to the role that has been set out.
URL and Browser.

The URL for e-Operasi is https://eoperasi.moe.gov.my

It is best viewed using Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.18 and above, or Chrome with a resolution of 1024 x 768.

e-Operasi Interface

The main e-Operasi page features several important sections, namely Announcements (Pengumuman), Log In (Log Masuk), Help feature (Bantuan), error messages (if any), copyright and disclaimer. Any latest information can be obtained through the announcement section and by logging in to e-Operasi.
The error message will be displayed to notify users of any incorrect details that were entered during log in. The help section will assist users with issues such as forgotten password, changing password and user registration.

User Registration

Click User Registration on the left hand Log In menu to start the registration process.
Users need to fill the registration section properly to ensure no problems are encountered when logging in to the system. Ensure that all details are correct and accurate, particularly the Name, identification card number, Salary number and e-mail. The password, and the security question and answer needs to be remembered because these are required if the password needs to be changed later on.

Click the SAVE (SIMPAN) button to register. The user can proceed to the LOG IN section to start using the system. The registration details will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Log in by entering the User ID, password and identification card number that has been registered.

The log in menu also includes buttons for forgotten password and to change the current password.
With the Single Sign On (SSO) application, users can also sign in to e-Operasi using the same User ID and password as registered under SSO. Register for SSO at : https://sps1.moe.gov.my/indexsso.php

For Users

Once logged in, the user’s name and identification card number will be displayed. The menu list is on the left hand side of the website. There is a link on the top right section to download a user’s manual. In the event that any of the details are incorrect, the user needs to inform PK1/PK2/PK3 in order for the information to be updated.


A close-up on the menu.

For system administrators, the following screen will be displayed, with a menu list of the left hand section of the site.

Information in e-Operasi

  • Teacher information in e-Operasi includes:
  • Personal Information – latest profile picture, current address, correspondence address
  • Spouse Information
  • Academic Information – qualifications, education level, specialization, level of specialization
  • Academic History Information – academic details, institution where qualifications were obtained
  • Information on Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) – if applicable
  • Current Subjects Taught – subjects taught, hours per subject
  • Professional Record Information – professional qualifications and options, institution where qualifications where obtained
  • Service Records/Information – date when reported for duty, date started teaching at particular school and others
  • Teaching Experience Information
  • Allowance Information
  • Co-curriculum Information
  • Property Declaration Information

Link between eOperasi and eGTukar
eGTukar is the system used for teachers to request for transfers, whether it is a transfer to a school within the same district or to a different district or state. All applications must be done through eGTukar.
Through this system, teachers only need to fill in their application once a year and the results will be announced three times a year. It is seen as a measure to overcome the problem of teachers who have failed in their application for transfer even after serving for a long period of time. Besides various indicators that are used to determine and evaluate those who are more qualified for a transfer, this measure by the MOE is hoped to facilitate management at the upper levels.

For teachers who fail in their application, information that is not up-to-date in the e-Operasi system may be one of the causes. For example, not updating marital status or spouse information, no declaration of property or current subjects taught are not up-to-date.
If the reason for request of transfer is to be close to the spouse but the marital status is not updated, it may not be considered. Teachers who are teaching examination year classes such as the UPSR, PT3 or SPM classes, may be considered more vital to the school. If they are in fact not teaching those examination classes but the information was not updated, their application may be delayed. As such, it is the responsibility of the respective teachers to ensure that their information is always up-to-date and current.
Among information that may change regularly and need to be updated include:

  • Correspondence address
  • Spouse information
  • Number of children
  • Salary and allowance
  • Current service information

The e-Operasi mobile application is a free Android application made available by the MOE. By downloading this application, teachers will receive direct notifications to their smart phones for the latest information regarding e-Operasi.