Full Guide ePangkat Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia


The ePangkat system was developed to manage rank advancement and promotion matters for teachers. It is hoped to avoid any issues or errors and to facilitate the management of the rank promotion process.

A system similar to ePangkat was first introduced online in 2008 with the aim to avoid internal weaknesses in rank management such as delays in processing affairs and promotion. It was realised that issues such as overlapping of recommendation and promotion process could also affect the image of MOE.

Prior to this, various problems arose causing many teachers to fail to get their promotion due to issues such as incomplete information, inaccurate data, obsolete data and more. Many problems occurred because there was no systematic process. This led to the idea and the creation of this system called ePangkat.

Objectives of ePangkat
ePangkat was created to carry out important functions such as

  • The process of appointing deputies
  • Resolving issues of delay and overlapping affairs in rank advancement
  • Promotion/rank advancement
  • Placement of deputies
  • Resolve issues regarding exchange of position
  • Monitoring and updating rank advancement data for the Education Service Officers (PPPs) and Support Service Members (AKS) under the Ministry of Education (MOE)

In addition, the e-Pangkat system of MOE also

  • Automates all processes and operations for appointment of deputies, promotions, placement of deputies and exchange of positions due to promotions, and enable planning to implemented in a timely manner
  • Encourage an efficient and systematic work system for rank advancement matters through the application of information and communication technology.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility to update and complete data for rank advancement/promotions from each level.
  • Provides a flexible and organized promotion information system to meet the needs of MOE members and stakeholders.

ePangkat was created to facilitate applications, approvals and other matters related to the promotion of teachers. With ePangkat, users (teachers / candidates) can enter, review and update their information from time to time.

ePangkat is an integrated and comprehensive online application to enable users to apply and process matters related to appointment as a deputy and rank advancement for Education Service Officers (PPPs) and Support Services Members (AKS) under MOE.

The Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) will fully utilize the Promotion System (ePangkat) for all matters regarding appointment as a deputy and promotions. In this regard, all Education Service Officers (PPPs) and Support Services Members (AKS) under the administration of their respective departments/schools are required to update their data fully and accurately.

Accuracy of information is very important in the ePangkat system as it will affect all affairs regarding appointment as a deputy and promotion activities. All schools have been briefed on the procedure of using ePangkat by their respective District Education Officers.

Among the information stored in ePangkat include:

  1. Personal information
  2. Academic information***
  3. Property Declaration Information ***
  4. Working Experience Information ***
  5. PTK information
  6. Performance Information ***
  7. Defaulter Information
  8. Special Performance Information ***
  9. Service Information ***
  10. AKS
  12. PPPLD / PPPS
  13. MACC’s Integrity Information
  14. Assessment for Excellence Path
  15. Action Information ***
  16. Period of Trial Punishment
  17. Disciplinary
    Only those marked *** only need to be updated by Head of Department

The party responsible for the updating of PPP and AKP data is as follows:

Additional ePangkat Information

  1. Review of promotion result online does not involve matters regarding appointment of deputies.
  2. Time-Based promotions Based on Excellence is carried out in stages according to the qualifying period of service and recommendation by the Head of Department.
  3. The Human Resource Management Division of MOE is not responsible for the misuse of Identification Card number by another candidate through this system.
  4. Any inquiries for the purpose of reviewing the status of promotions via e-mail should be attached with the information in the table below.
  5. Education Service Officers (PPPs) who were SUCCESSFUL for promotion may check the status of their promotion letter with the head of the department / division after the 30 working days from the date of data upload.

ePangkat for the Ministry of Education Malaysia
PPPs and AKS appointed by the SPP of MOE are allowed to access ePangkat for the following:
Review of personal and service information.
Application to advertise deputy position / promotions to be posted in ePangkat.
To check the current status of general terms and status during application of advertisement for deputy position / promotions which were applied through ePangkat.

Using ePangkat

  1. Register for ePangkat at https://epangkat.moe.gov.my/login.php
    Log in using the User ID and password. Only registered users are allowed to access ePangkat.
    For the first time log in procedure, please refer to http://www.moe.gov.my/epangkat/firsttimelogin.php
  2. Ensure that the name, position and work place is correct.
    For advertisements:
  3. Click on the Application Module (Modul Permohonan) on the left hand side menu of ePangkat.
  4. Advertisement List Sub-Module
    If there is an advertisement, candidates may click on the ad name to apply. A message will be displayed if there are no ads at the time.
    This sub-module allows candidates to view their application status for deputy positions/ promotions applied via ePangkat. Select Year and Choice (Closed /Open) to display the status of the application.
  5. Personal Information Sub-Module
    This sub-module allows candidates to check personal and service information that have been updated by their respective Department Administrator. Any errors in the information displayed may be referred to the respective Administrators of the Department through the Head of Administrative Assistant BRP or the relevant officer.
  6. Review of General Terms Sub-Module
    This sub-module allows candidates to review information and general terms for deputy positions/promotion as follows:
  • Confirmed in service
  • Performance Assessment Report for the past 3 years
  • Passed PTK (Before 2010)
  • No disciplinary and legal action
  • Has done declaration of property
  • Passed the MACM Integration Filter
  • Free from the status of the Defaulter of the Education Loan Institution
  • For forgotten password and other enquiries, e-mail the following information to epangkat@moe.gov.my
  • Full name
  • Identification Card Number
  • Grade
  • Job Title
  • Work Place
  • Teachers Promotion Path (Education Service Officers - PPPs)

There are 3 paths for PPP promotion, namely the SUBSTANTIVE path (laluan HAKIKI), the EXCELLENCE path (laluan KECEMERLANGAN) and the TIME-BASED path.

The SUBSTANTIVE path has been practised since 1957 (after independence). The EXCELLENCE path was implemented in 1994. And the TIME-BASED path was introduced in 1998. The TIME-BASED path was then enhanced and combined as the TIME-BASED path BASED ON EXCELLENCE in 2009 and features a shorter period for promotion.

  1. Substantive Path
  • Administration – for those interested in the role as a Headmaster, Senior Assistant Teacher or Head of Department/Senior Teacher. The substantive grade for Senior Assistant is 48 and for Head of Department/Senior Teacher is 44.
  • General/Technical/Islamic Education Field
  • IPGM / IAB – position for lecturers at Teacher Training Institutes in Malaysia or those working at Institut Aminudin Baki. Must possess at a Master’s degree to apply.
  • Matriculation College – Service in grade 41 for at least 5 – 6 years and will be provided a promotion to grade 44 (Substantive) as a lecturer in Matriculation College. However, the opportunity to move to the next grade is rather limited and in some cases, requires applicant to move to Matriculation Colleges with vacancies.
  • Form 6 – Teachers teaching in Form 6 may also be appointed to a substantive position as the Academic Teacher of Form 6 or as the Senior Assistant Teacher for Form 6.
  1. Excellence Path
    This is the alternative path for teachers who are not interested in administrative work and want a more express path.
  • Excellent Principal
  • Excellent Officer
  • Excellent Lecturer
  • Excellent Teacher (SM)
  • Excellent Teacher (SR)
  1. Time-Based
    This is the safest, most comfortable path, chosen by most teachers. After a certain period, promotion will be granted. Previously, promotion through the time based path took up to 10 years but now, with TBBK (Time-based, based on Excellence criteria), the period is shorter with an 8 – 8 – 6 – 4 formula. However, not all officers and teachers obtain promotion through this path.
    The time-based path is also divided into two categories, namely Ordinary Time Based and Time Based for former PPLD candidates.
  2. Special Path
    For Headmasters who are former PPLD candidates.

Some frequently asked questions of ePangkat

What are the principles used in setting up the starting salary for a promotion?

The principles adopted are as set out in Rule 42, P.U. (A) 176, the salary received by a promoted public officer shall be higher than the final salary received in the previous grade. The prescribed salary is not less than 1 salary movement of the previous grade.

Which circular is referred to in setting the salary for a promotion?
Service Circular Number 14 Year 2007.

Do officers who are upgraded earlier than the date of the previous grade salary movement lose in terms of salary movement compared to officers promoted to the same rank or after the salary movement date in previous grade?
Officers promoted ahead of the date of the previous grade salary movement will not suffer losses because the salary of the officer will be advanced before the salary movement in the previous grade on the promotion date, before the promotion salary is set.

Review of ePangkat Results Through ePangkat Keputusan
To check the status of your application or the latest update, you can login using your identity card number to the following portal: https://naikpangkat.moe.gov.my/