Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid (APDM)


The Full Guide of Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid (APDM)

The Student Database Application (APDM) is a Student Management Module launched by the Ministry of Education to compile information regarding student related data, including parent’s information, attendance and registration for secondary school. The Student Database Application is an important tool used to manage student data at the school level, District Education Office (PPD), State Education Department (JPN) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). It is important to ensure that all school and student data are current.

Other than the APDM admin at PPD and JPN, class teachers and an admin assigned at the school are the main users of the system. They are the ones managing their respective school and student data.
The school ADPM admin is assigned by the Head Master/Principal of the school. In most cases, this is assigned to the Senior Assistant of Student Affairs (PK HEM). The role of the school admin is to assist in managing and handling student/school data among class teachers and the ADPM admin in PPD. The school admin also assists in resolving any issues faced by class teachers when accessing APDM.
At the school level, Class Teachers are responsible to update student data, class data and student subjects in the APDM system. The class teacher must work together with the school admin to ensure that student data sent to the PPD is accurate.

Logging Into APDM

Step 1:
School Admin goes to the Student Database Application (APDM) website at the link http://apdm.moe.gov.my

Step 2:
On the left side of the website, log in to the ADPM site by keying in the User ID and password.


User ID: School code
(Use UPPERCASE letters without any spaces. For example: ABC1234)
Password: ******

The password is the default password given by the system to the school Admin. The school admin is advised to change the password after logging in to APDM for the first time for account security purposes.
Press enter to log in to the ADPM system.
Updating School Information
The school admin is responsible to ensure that all school information in the APDM is updated and always kept current. The steps are as follows:
Step 1:
Go to the APDM website.
Step 2:
Enter the User ID and Password to log in to the APDM system.
Step 3:
After logging in, go to the Update menu. This is where school information can be updated or amended.
Step 4:
Save updated information by clicking on Update Schook Information (Kemas kini Maklumat Sekolah). Once done, all current information would be saved in APDM.

Among other functions of the student database application system are:
⦁ Registering new class teachers/Replacing previous class teachers
⦁ Registering a new class/Deleting an previous class
⦁ Verifying all student data that is submitted by class teachers
⦁ Submitting MBMMBI reports
⦁ Downloading and saving student data in Excel format
⦁ Resetting the password for class teachers/school admin
⦁ Updating class teacher subjects
⦁ Updating student data
⦁ Registering/adding data for new students
⦁ Changing student’s class
⦁ Updating student subjects
⦁ Updating student placement application
⦁ Updating student placement appeal application
⦁ eKehadiran for student attendance
⦁ eDaftar Sekolah Menengah for Secondary School Registration
⦁ Download Student Information Form
⦁ Importing and exporting student data

Registering new class teachers/Replacing previous class teachers and Registering a new class/Deleting an existing class

Class teacher information needs to be updated by the school admin. When there is a new teacher, the school admin needs to add the new teacher in to the records in APDM and delete records of previous teachers who are no longer in service.
The following are the steps to register a new class teacher or replace previous class teachers in the APDM system:

Step 1:
School APDM admin goes to the APDM site.

Step 2:
Log in to the APDM system using the User ID and password.

Step 3:
Go to the menu for Class Registration (Pendaftaran Kelas).

Step 4:
If it is an existing class, press Update (Kemas kini) at the end of the class name to change or update the Class Teacher’s name.

Not an existing class?

Click Add Class (Tambah Kelas) to add the class if it is not listed.
Finally, click Update Class Information (Kemas kini Maklumat Kelas) to save the new class teacher’s information.

To register a new class
Click Add Class (Tambah Kelas) to add a new class and click Update (Kemas kini) at the end of the new class name.
To delete an existing class
Click Delete at the end of the name of an existing class. The school admin is advised to check and verify the class that is to be deleted. There should be no students listed in the class before deleting it. To check student information, refer to section for updating student information.

Verifying all student data that is submitted by class teachers
Verification of all student data has to be done by the School APDM Admin before it is submitted to the PPD admin. Student data must be checked thoroughly before it it verified to ensure accuracy of data. The school admin can verify all student data as follows:
Reviewing data
After logging in to the APDM system, click Student Data (Data Murid). Here, the admin needs to ensure that the total number of students and the number of students for each class, including numbers based on gender, are correct.
Click on the name of the class required to display the student list according to class and gender.
Click Student Data (Data Murid) to check any updates of student data done by the class teacher.
Move the cursor to Class (Kelas) to display all classes according to year.
To display the student name list, click on the name of the class required.
Click on the student’s name and parent’s information to review information such as parent’s income and others.

Click on Student Data (Data Murid), click on the bottom part of the screen where it says:
“All student data above has been updated” (“Semua data murid seperti di atas telah dikemas kini”)
to verify all student data in the APDM system.
Verification Period for All Student Data
The school admin needs to verify all student data in the period that has been specified, which is between the 1st to the 7th of every month. The menu for Student Data Verification will not be available starting on the 8th and will only reappear on the 1st of the following month.
All student data that has been verified by the school administration or management will be notified to the relevant authorities such as the PPD, JPN and MOE. The APDM admin from the respective sections will handle all the data. Monitoring of data will be conducted by these authorities to ensure that student data in the APDM system is always up to date and can be used by the MOE system from time to time as required.

Submitting MBMMBI reports
MBMMBI stands for Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia, Memperkukuhkan Bahasa Inggeris, a policy developed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to uplift the usage of the Malay language and strengthen the usage of English language.
The report for the implementation of MBMMBI can be done by the school’s APDM admin.

Step 1:
Click on Class Registration (Pendaftaran Kelas) to submit a report of the implementation of MBMMBI, either for each class or to update existing information.

Step 2:
Click Add Class (Tambah Kelas), for any new classes.

Step 3:
For existing classes, click Update (Kemas Kini) at the end of the class name.

Step 4:
Once information has been updated, click Update Class Information (Kemas kini Maklumat Kelas) to save.
Downloading and saving student data in Excel format
If the school requires sharing of data for analysis or other purposes, the school’s APDM admin dan Class Teachers can download student data in Excel format.

Step 1:
After logging in to the system, click Student Data (Data Murid).

Step 2:
Data will be downloaded according to class or year. Click Download Excel (Muat Turun Excel) at the top right corner of the screen to save the data to your computer and access data when offline.

Resetting the password for class teachers/school admin
The school admin may reset passwords for Class Teachers who have forgotten their APDM password.

Step 1:
After logging in to the system, go to Class Registration (Pendaftaran Kelas).

Step 2:
Click Reset Password (Reset Kata Laluan) at the section of the respective teacher’s name. The class teacher’s password will be reset to the default password, which is the password provided automatically by the system. The school admin must ensure that the correct teacher is selected, as to not reset the password for other teachers.
Resetting Password for the School Admin
The password for the school admin can only be reset by the APDM admin at the PPD. The school admin needs to contact the PPD immediately to reset the password.

Logging in as a Class Teacher
Class teachers can only access the APDM system once the school’s APDM admin has registered the class teacher in to the system.

Step 1:
Go to the APDM website.
Enter User ID : Class teacher’s IC number (without any symbols or spaces, for example: 923456789123)
Enter password : ******
Class teachers are advised to change the default password given after logging in for the first time, for security purposes.

Step 2:
Click Enter (Hantar) to log in to the APDM system.
Class teachers can update student data or records available in the APDM system. Click Student Data (Data Murid) to display the student name list.
The student data that is to be updated should already be listed according to class. Data can be updated by clicking on the name of the student required. Information that can be changed include IC number, birth certificate number, passport number or no document.
New students can be added by clicking on Register Student (Daftar Murid).
Student’s class can be changed by clicking Update Class (Kemas kini Kelas).
Since some students take different subjects, class teachers can also update the subjects taken by each student. This is done by going into the Subject (Subjek) menu.


Click Settings (Tetapan) to assign student to the respective subject. Click on the Subject settings (Tetapan Subjek) to choose all students or click to choose each student individually.

The Teachers Setting (Tetapan Guru) can be chosen from the dropdown menu. The number of teachers teaching each subject depends on the choice made by the Senior Assistant Teacher (Guru Penolong Kanan, GPK).


For Dual Language Program (DLP) subjects, the DLP Settings (Tetapan DLP) will be displayed. Click the box for students who are under the DLP program.

Click Update Student Subjects (Kemas kini Subjek Murid).

Click No. of Students (Bil. Murid Ambil) to display the list of student that have been assigned according to subjects.

The eKehadiran function in the Student Database Application records student attendance to school. It can either be marked as present, present but late, not present with a reason or not present.
Other than recording student attendance, this function can also display monthly and annual student attendance reports. Class teachers can also check students attendance that has been updated by choosing the date required
It can be accessed either using a desktop computer or any Android device.
This application was developed to record student attendance for each school session according to class, in real time, easily and quickly, without the teacher leaving the classroom. The system can provide information quickly, precisely, efficiently, in a systematic and user friendly manner.

eDaftar Sekolah Menengah
Application for placement of primary six students to form one (1) or Transition class for National Secondary Schools (SMK) can be made via the eDaftar Menengah application, through the Student Management Module.

Primary 6 teachers are responsible to register their students for form 1 and must know the proper way to utilise this application.
The Senior Assistant of Student Affairs (PK HEM) plays an important role in this registration process. Information needs to be updated carefully to make sure there are no errors. Student data needs to be updated before registration using eDaftar. Among information that needs to be updated are:
⦁ Identification Card No
⦁ UPSR Examination Number
⦁ Name (According to Identification Card)
⦁ Address
⦁ Telephone Number
⦁ Nationality
⦁ Child number from total number of siblings
⦁ Distance from home to school
⦁ Who student stays with
⦁ Data of Main Guardian
⦁ Data of Secondary Guardian
⦁ Co-curiculum Data

The Senior Assistant of HEM (School Admin) will ensure that the “Feeder Schools” set by PPD are the correct schools.
The Senior Assistant of HEM is also responsible ensure the number of Primary 6 classes and students are correct in the Brief Analysis section.
Primary School teachers make suggestions and fill in the choice of placement of Primary 6 students to transition/form 1 for the current year according to the school’s “Feeder Schools”.
Non-citizen students will automatically be tagged with red lines.
Students with non-citizen status & permanent resident (PR) are NOT allowed to apply for Form One placement through the eDAFTAR MENENGAH application. They are required to refer to their PPD.
Section B eDaftar (Filled by Class Teacher)

  1. After the PK HEM validates the list of feeder schools, class teachers needs to login to the app using their existing class Teacher’s account to start the application to Form 1 at https://apdm.moe.gov.my.
  2. Teachers can begin to fill the application by clicking on the Update application button. Teachers are must make sure that the list of students is complete. Non-resident students can not apply to Form 1 through this application.
  3. The class Teacher will make the choice of school and specify the reason for the school of choice to facilitate PPD placement and also needs to specify the distance from the student’s home to the school.
  4. If the student chooses to apply to schools not in the feeder list, click External Feeder to display the list of schools located outside the feeder.
  5. Additional information is required for SJKC and SJKT students, where the scores for comprehension and writing is required for the transition class.
  6. Co-curriculum information will be filled when the class teacher updates the Co-curriculum menu in Student Data. Click the update button to submit the application.
  7. A display as below will appear after updating. The preferred school will be shown for the students who have been submitted. Continue the same process for other students.

Data Verification and Copy of Placement Letter
After all class teachers complete the application for placement, the PK HEM will check the Brief Analysis section. Failure to do the verification on the date that has been set will be subject to the Show Cause Letter. Once the PPD grants placement approval, the primary school can print the placement letter for all Primary 6 students.

Student Information Form
Teachers can download the student information form through the student database application. This data is collected at the start of the year to be updated by class teachers.
Among the student information that is collected include their full name, identification card number, nationality, race, religion, address, type of aid received and others. It also includes information regarding parents or guardians, such as their full name, status, contact number, occupation, income and other related information.
This data is very useful in the future for example in determining the eligibility of a student to receive financial aid such as KWAMP and others.

Importing and exporting data from the Student Database Application
The data compiled in the Student Database Application is complete and comprehensive. As such, it is very useful if the data can be exported to other systems or if it is required on an ad-hoc basis because all the data is readily available. For this purpose, teachers are able to log into the system and export student data easily.
For teachers, particularly LINUS teachers who want to import student data, the server for the NKRA LINUS portal often experiences high load causing problems to occur. Teachers are advised to import student data at non peak hours or to do the data import process in stages.

Verification of “I’m not a Robot” when logging into Student Database Application
The security issue previously encountered in the Student Database Application system (the I am not a Robot issue) has been resolved. Teachers only need to tick the box provided once and do not need to undergo the screening test again as previously required.
The purpose of this verification is to enhance the system’s security level from unauthorised use, such as the use of robots, User Agents and others.

Should there be any problems with accessing or using the APDM application, please contact the PPD in your respective districts. Or you can ask question in the new apdm forum.